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Manuscript Style Guidelines
(also see Manuscript Submission Guidelines)

Refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition, for more information, if needed.

1.   The entire paper should be double-spaced, including footnotes, figure captions, tables, and references.

2.   All margins should be 1 inch. For text, use 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman.

3.   There should be no author identification except on a cover page. Give bibliographic information about the authors on the cover page.

4.   The title of the paper (no author names) and an abstract of 200 words or less should be provided on the second page.

5.   All pages should be numbered in sequence, including the cover page. The only exceptions are pages of tables and figures, which appear separately at the end of the manuscript.

6.   Avoid use of identifiers in the manuscript that could inadvertently identify the author(s) during the review process.

7.   Each paragraph should be more than one sentence long, but no longer than one page.

8.   Necessary abbreviations should be explained. Abbreviations in tables and figures should be explained in table notes and figure captions.

9.   The text citations and reference list entries should agree in both spelling and in date.

10. The reference list should be in order alphabetically by author surnames; all inclusive page numbers for articles or chapters in books should be provided; references from electronic sources must include the date the source was retrieved and the full URL. Include only references that are cited in the text. Refer to the APA Publication Manual for formatting.

11. Every table column should have a heading.

12. All tables and figures should be mentioned in the text, in addition to noting their approximate placement.

13. Figures and photographs (black and white or grayscale) should be clear prints ready to scan and available as graphic (EPS or TIFF) files. Original prints, drawings, or figures may be requested after the final version of a manuscript is accepted. Approval from the copyright owner of photographs must be obtained by the author if manuscript is accepted for publication.

14. Verb tense suggestions: For the review of literature, past tense or present perfect tense is appropriate. The same may be used for the description of the procedure if the discussion is of past events. In describing results, use past tense. The present tense may be used to discuss the results and present the conclusions.

Visit the APA Publication Manual web site:


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